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What do we print


Attract the eye of passing pedestrians with our smart and robust A-boards. These are printed to 57cm by 92cm and presented with or without the outer frame. Text and pictures are printed on the front and reverse on high-quality, durable paper.

Appointment Cards

Ensure your clients have a note of their appointments with you. Appointment cards are typically A8 or credit card size, printed on medium-weight card. The cards are double sided; one side a matt/gloss/combination design, and on the reverse, spaces for times and dates. For a longer history, you could choose folded appointment cards, with your company brand shown externally, and a longer date list on the inside.


All our banners are made from hardwearing vinyl with artwork produced in bright, vivid colour, and bold text that can be seen across a large and crowded room. There are two varieties: we can produce free-standing banners, stored rolled in a convenient carry-case, which can be extended to 2m high and secured with rising poles. We can also provide rolled banners for attaching to walls or railings. Both types can be produced in a variety of sizes – small enough to be held on a table or desk, and large enough to be seen across a sports-hall for both inside and outside events. We can even provide extra-wide banners, for when you have even more to show off.


Bookmarks can be printed in gloss, matt or combination designs to allow your clients to have a comforting reminder of your company. They are printed double-sided, and can be produced with graphic only, or a combination of graphics and words. The standard size is 55mm x 200mm.


A professional brochure can really make a business stand out from the rest. They can be sized to your artwork, printed in sharp, clean colours and can be gloss or matt according to your specification. All our brochures are printed on the highest quality paper, are perfectly aligned and can be produced in a number of bindings according to the look you want. We can central-staple, which works well for smaller brochures without sacrificing look or style. When you want to give more detail and need a longer book, we can either perfect bind, where the pages are flush against the spine, or wire bound, which allows the brochure to lie flat on a surface.

Brochure Stand

Brochure stands are available in two varieties: we can print or emboss Perspex stands, able to take the weight of longer or heavier brochures and books, ideal for permanent displays. For smaller or lighter documents, we can also provide stands made from stiff card, printed throughout, then folded into a rigid structure, light and easy to transport to exhibition halls.

Business Cards

Make your first impression count. Business cards are usually credit card size for ease of storage in card holders, though for an individual look, they can be square or mini, and can be printed with sharp or rounded corners. They are presented with a gloss or matt design on one side, and the holder’s name, contact details and additional design on the reverse. We can also produce folded business cards for when you have that little bit more to say.


Keep your business in your customer’s minds all year round. Calendars can be printed in a number of styles and formats. We can produce month-per-view calendars with alternating picture/dates pages, a page-per- month view with picture/dates on a single page, desktop calendars with either week-per- view pages, or an annual planner.

Canvas Prints

We will turn your photos into beautiful canvas prints to display on your wall. Cavasses can be a variety of sizes, and will be printed in colour or black and white to create the look you want. Personal photos or showing off your business, we can make the right print for you.

Compliment Slips

Make your client feel special by including a personally written compliment slip. Printed on 1/3 A4 paper for easy inclusion in DL (business) envelopes. They are usually printed in matt with your organisation logo and right-justified contact details, leaving the main section for notes and comments.

Correx Boards

We can print heavy-duty, roadside correx boards to display items for sale to passing motorists. These are typically made from corrugated plastic and are A1 in size. The printing will be large and vibrant to ensure that all your information can be seen in the split second of a car passing.

Create Your Own

If you can imagine an item that you want printed or personalised, even if it doesn’t appear anywhere else, talk to us. We will do everything possible to provide you with the product that you really want!

Deluxe Roller Banner

Made out of durable vinyl, roller banners attract the eye at conferences or trade shows. These are generally printed in crisp and vibrant colour with minimal large text to allow readers a clear view across a crowded room. 2 metres when extended, they roll down into a neat (plastic/canvas) case for easy transportation. Hanging poles are provided.

Dibond Boards

A dibond board will allow your customers to see and absorb plenty of information about your exhibit. We print these on the choice of aluminium or Perspex, making sure that all text is clean and crisp, and that colours are hardwearing enough to withstand all that the weather can throw at them. Though typically A4, we can print any size you need.

Double-Sided Roller Banner

For a 360° view, we have double-sided banners. These can be full or desktop size, printed on hardwearing vinyl displaying either the same or different artwork on the front and the reverse.

Exhibition Stands

Sleek and clear freestanding stands that can be used to create a branded background to your presentation area. We recommend full-colour stands to make your area stand out from those around you. These are printed on durable cardboard and stand up to 2 metres.


Mark out your position or allow loyal supporters to show their appreciation with our range of printed flags, and we have plenty to choose from. We can provide small, plastic flags for excited children to wave at event or large, linen flags that can be seen clearly on high flagpoles, and everything in between!


Flyers are usually double sided, printed in colour and varry in sizes from A6 to A4. Unusual sizes and die-cut sizes are also popular.


Let your customers carry their notes in a professional, branded folder. Typically, they are foolscap or folio in size which allows for full protection of internal papers. They are printed on the external side in colour or black and white, with a gloss or matt finish on medium-weight card. They are folded with a spine and internal document wallet.

Greeting Cards

Let your customers know you are thinking of them with a personalised greeting card. Generally printed on medium-weight card, A6-A5 in size and centrally folded. They can be colour or black and white in a gloss or matt finish. For extra shine, they can be embossed with a metallic finish. Your portrait or landscape design is printed on the front, with an additional internal message if required.


Leaflets are usually double sided and folded in a desired way, printed in colour and varry in sizes from A6 to A4. Unusual sizes, folds and die-cut sizes are also popular.

Loyalty Cards

Encourage customers to return by providing a loyalty card. These are usually printed on medium-weight card, A8 (credit card) size for easy storage, double sided, with a brand logo on the face, and boxes for stamps on the reverse. For extra impact, they can be provided with a sharp fold with your chosen design outside, and stamp-boxes on the inside. Stamps can be provided.

Name Plates

Introduce your event speakers with folded presentation cards placed on tables to identify presenters at meetings or conferences. They are 210mm in width, folded lengthwise to produce a card of 148mm in height. The printing is usually a minimum of 60 pt in bold for ease of reading across conference rooms.

New Address Moving Cards

Settling in to new premises? Let customers or friends know how to find you with new address cards. Printed in full colour on glossy or matt paper, with a fold for neat presentation and envelopes if required.

Note and Desk Pads

With every note that your customers make, remind them of your image. They will be printed on high-quality paper and heat bound for easily detachable sheets. They can be produced in a variety of desktop sizes with your name and contact details throughout, but with plenty of space for your customers’ use.

Order of Service

Make sure your special event runs smoothly and that all of your participants are engaged by providing an order of service. These are generally folded to A5 size and can contain one or several pages stapled together. Usually printed in matt with the print clear and easy to read.


Put your name on the table. We can provide robust, disposable placemats with your branding and information of your choice. Typically, these are A3 in size to catch any awkward spillage. You could even include games or puzzles for your younger clientele.


Provide mementos of your business or event by providing your guests with smart, A6 postcards. They can be printed in either gloss or matt, and can have a message printed on the reverse if desired.


From A3 to A1, we can present your information on a smart, eye-catching poster. These are usually printed on glossy, high-quality and robust paper. Just send us your artwork and we will complete the job for you.

Sample Boxes

Let your clients take away examples of your products by providing personalised sample packs. Your box will be printed in crisp colour, with artwork placed with precision on each side. We can produce whatever size and shape you desire to allow for perfect presentation of your products, all completely personal to you.

Save the Date Cards

Ensure your guests keep your important date clear by sending a save the date card ahead of your main invitation. These are typically small, from A8 to A7, and can be printed in your choice of full colour or black and white with a gloss or matt finish.


Whether temporary for events, or more permanent directions around your property, we can provide signage in a variety of materials, in the font of your choice and with your logo clearly printed.

Stickers & Labels

Individualise your sticky-labels with your brand image. Provided on a sheet or a roll for your convenience, they can be safely stuck on a range of materials without damage.

Swing Tags

Identify your products by attaching a branded swing tag. These are printed on robust, medium-weight card, with a full colour on gloss, matt or combination finish, and cut into the shape you want. Tag strings can be provided if required.

About Colour Print Direct

We provide our customers with a full range of traditional and modern printing solutions, tailored to meet their specific business needs. From concept through to creation and completion, individual elements of our service provide total flexibility, enabling you to choose from our in house design and bureau services, to full production printing.

From departmental copying to corporate marketing campaigns, our expertise in design and printing and the ability to provide a complete print solution enables you to spend more time focusing on your business.